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See Uncovering Plots Against Bosome Freho DCE; more details drop

With much regards from the Assembly stated above, we are before you to give the fair side of the recent issues raised against the Honorable District Chief Executive of our noble Assembly.

• The Bosome Freho District has been in the news in the past few days for several reasons as some Assembly members purported to pass a vote of no confidence in the District Chief Executive.

This is a result of the Member of Parliament Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng who openly fought the re-appointment of the DCE. He has now decided to use every means possible including back door to get the DCE out of office.

We all know the Hon Akwasi Darko Boateng openly lobbied for the Constituency Secretary to become the DCE which did not work. When Hon Yaw Danso was nominated, the Hon MP called some Assembly Members and paid loosing bonuses to them. This could not substantiate. Just recently, the Hon MP has called some seventeen (17) Honorable Assembly members and has again paid a whooping amount of money to them to champion this agenda of “vote of no confidence”.

Hon Akwasi Darko Boateng has been voted to power to support the Hon DCE to lobby for massive development to the district but the Hon MP has reverted to pursuing his parochial interest with no attention to the road issues since he was voted to power. The Hon MP upon openly declaring war against the Hon DCE has vowed to motivate some Assembly Members to pass “a vote of no confidence”.

• We are before this august media not to condemn the legitimate rights of any Honorable Assembly Member but to categorically emphasize on the actuals of the issues leveled against the District Chief Executive and even some of the colleague Assembly members. There was a letter served on the Hon District Chief Executive dated 2nd June, 2022 inviting the District Chief Executive (DCE) to a meeting on 9th June, 2022 at exactly 9:00am. As we present to you a copy of the letter, it could not substantiate the allegation made against the Hon DCE. The persons making such allegations were anonymous and were not made known in the letter.

• Per the stipulations of the Assembly, any member summoned to its meeting should be aware of the allegation made against him so as to know how well its response would be. It should be made known that, the Presiding Member, in addition to some Honorable Members have signed “a vote of no confidence” against the Hon DCE and therefore has no moral grounds to sit as Chairman of the Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC) summoning Hon DCE as there would be no fairness in the hearing of the case.

• There has been some impersonation and misrepresentations on the signatories signed by some Assembly Members. Out of the purported 22 members who signed the form, only 17 were legitimate while the remaining 5 members were impersonated. The letter written and signed by the Presiding Member failed to meet the standard criteria hence not vital enough to respond to.

• Concerning the motorbikes distribution insinuated to have been made to only favorite Assembly Members, it should be noted that, the motorbikes have been commissioned and Hon Assembly Members have been officially invited to pick the motorbikes and its documents. This commissioning was done on Wednesday, 13th April, 2022 at the forecourt of the District Assembly at Asiwa by Hon DCE, the District Coordinating Director, staff of the District Assembly and some Honorable Assembly Members.

• The allegations that the motorbikes have been left at the mercies of the weather are factually inconsistent and lacks merit and should be disregarded. On the day of the Presiding Member’s elections, the motorbikes were used as a bait to win elections by the incumbent PM by name Hon Patrick Kwaku Frimpong as he informed the Assembly Members of the distribution of the motor bikes after the elections. The Hon DCE asserted that, the documentations of the motorbikes are inaccurate and thus Honorable Member are to wait so that they are invited for the motorbikes when all arrangement is done. Hon PM insisted and told the Assembly Members to pick them along.

• As a result of this, the keys of the motorbikes were taken away by some aggrieved members. Upon the official letters served on all Assembly Members, the keys were brought by Hon Kingsford Adusei and Hon Okyere Samuel. The Hon Presiding Member has motivated some of the Assembly Members not to come to pick the motor bikes after its commission so that their parochial agenda of condemning and making the Hon DCE unpopular shall be fulfilled.

• According to the Local Governance Act 2016 Act 936, Section 17 Subsection 5, “the Presiding Member shall convene and Preside at the meeting of the District Assembly and perform other functions prescribed by law and the standing orders of the District Assembly”. Basically, it is the fundamental role of the Presiding Member not the Hon DCE to schedule and organize meetings at the Assembly with the exception of Executive and other Sub-committee meetings. Allegations against the Hon DCE that no meeting is held this year lacks credibility and not fully thought-through.

• Recounting on the numerous projects undertaken by the District Chief Executive will be time consuming. Within the 6-year mandate given to Hon Yaw Danso, the Assembly can boast of a myriad of projects that includes 3-unit and 6-unit classroom blocks, ultra-modern water facilities (mechanized boreholes), rural electrification extension, ultra-modern toilet facilities, dormitories, storey blocks for SHS and building an additional SHS at Tebeso II. A copy of these projects is attached to this document as attestation to the magnificient work done by the Hon DCE. It is preposterous to assert that the Hon DCE is incompetent having no regard to such an unprecedented achievements over the time being. Road issues are the major developmental challenge of the district.

Bosome Freho needs peace and this usual allegations against its leaders need to be brought to a halt and independently resolve these issues so that the long awaited development in the district could be accomplished. Through this outlet, we appeal to the public to debunk the poor allegations leveled against the Hon DCE by the Hon Presiding Member. The allegations lack substance and should be disregard as a matter of urgency.


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