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See Viral video of SHS students being served ‘gari’ with ‘raw soup’ as lunch

See Viral video of SHS students being served ‘gari’ with ‘raw soup’ as lunch

Cuisine scarcity has resulted in kids eating less nutritious food at various senior high schools around the country.

Following the implementation of the Free SHS policy, many schools have been adversely impacted by a lack of money to support the day-to-day operations of their institutions.

This has resulted in overcrowding in the dorms, a shortage of furniture, and the serving of ‘gari’ with ‘raw soup’ as lunch…or so the schools claim.

Many people’s hearts have been crushed by a video filmed and published by blogger Kobby Kyei.

It was an eyesore at St Paul’s Senior High School SPACO and Hatsukorpe Minor Seminary (Ketu South).

These pupils are shown preparing to eat gari with weak broth, which contains only one fish for every 10 students.

The amount of food served was disproportionate to the number of pupils present. Their looks expressed hunger and desperation.

Watch thr video below:

Following the numerous obstacles that have hampered the efficient operation of the praiseworthy policy, many have urged for its prompt revision or abolition.


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