See what happened fake military man who storms police station and beats policeman [VIDEO]

A man who pretended to be a soldier and stormed a police station looking for mischief ended up digging his own grave has been apprehended.

George Onderi, the impersonator, dressed in a military outfit and attacked the Suneka Police Station Report Office in an improper jungle costume to face Constable Mary Maina.

Onderi was detained right away after he failed to identify himself, and he is now being held at the station while the DCI investigators conduct a comprehensive investigation.

The imposter, 27-year-old George Onderi, arrived at the station in his Toyota Belta car at 9 p.m. yesterday, parked, and proceeded to the station building, where he confronted Constable Mary Maina, the police officer on duty at the report office desk, on allegations she was wearing the wrong jungle print uniform.

The invader aggressively yanked the lady officer from her job post, prompting her colleague and the duty officer to intervene.

According to reports, the suspected Military Imposter refused to identify himself in front of Deputy OCS Suneka, IP Cephas Ombija. He is being kept at the station while DCI detectives investigate any possible links to criminal activity in the area. He’ll be charged with impersonating someone else and causing a commotion.

We’ve seen cases when criminals have improperly used the identities of our traditional security agencies to further illegal activities in the past. While we warn the public about imposters who are out to commit fraud and other forms of criminality, we also encourage them to seek assistance from designated security installations and to report any suspected impostor to authorities.”

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