Sexy Don Don gives a hair-to-toe account of how he murdered JB Danquah; cries like a baby [WATCH VIDEO]

Sexy Don Don, actual name Daniel Asiedu, the main suspect in the murder of Hon JB Danquah, the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, has provided a detailed explanation of how he committed the crime.

The entire episode was reconstructed and captured in the form of a film with the assistance of Ghana Police Service employees, and it was played in court when the primary suspect and his accomplices came before it.

Though the footage has not yet been made public, a media practitioner who was in court when it was shown detailed what she observed in it.

According to the reporter, the suspect was able to quickly sneak through the gate’s protection by maneuvering his head and torso through a thin opening in the door.

After learning the security guard was sleeping, he scaled a ladder put in front of the home, which led directly to the late MP’s room.

After noticing a disturbance coming from the house’s television, he followed down the MP and leaped on him.

Watch the video below;

Sexy Don Don gives a blow-by-blow account of how he murdered JB Danquah

During her narration, the reporter stated that the ambiance in the courtroom when the footage was shown was so tense that several individuals began to cry.


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