She Didn’t Want Him to go: Video Shows Lady Weeps Bitterly at Airport, Holds Her Man as he Prepares to Fly out [VIDEO]

At an airport in Nigeria, a Nigerian woman became upset as her husband attempted to flee the country.

As shown in a video published on TikTok by @josranks dion, the lady cried and refused to let go of the man.

On the video, a caption explains her emotional outburst:

“She didn’t want to let Him go but had to because he’s striving for their future.”

watch the video below;

The man consoled his crying lady by caressing her and saying something that the camera couldn’t hear.

She had to let go after a time, enabling the man to continue on his quest.

Netizens reactions

ShariffStamps said:

“Those TEARS is a signature u signed to his heart unknowingly.. I promise u, he will never forget that day.. Gone thru it, my mum cried a lot.”

user502239243581 said:

“Reason why i told my hubby not to see me off to the airport it’s a very sad moment and if you’re not strong enough you may miss the flight.”

DanDonTap1 said:

“I know the girl. shes my baby in benin, like theyve been together since school, theyre married now, he came back for her.”

Boyka007 said:

“I wish someone cry for me like this when I was leaving, 4 years now I can’t even apply for vacation because I have no one waiting for me. Hope.”

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