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SHS Mathematics jailed 15 years for forcing his female student to sleep with her

A mathematics teacher at Sawla Senior High School (SHS) has been condemned to prison after a Tamale High Court found him guilty of pushing his way with an 18-year-old student at the same school.

Ernest Ocloo, a mathematics teacher at Salwa SHS, was sentenced to 15 years in jail with hard labor by the Tamale High Court, presided over by Mr. Justice Kogyapwah.

Ernest Ocloo was summarily dismissed in March 2020 after being spotted forcibly having his way with a female student of the school in the Staff Common Room in November 2019 in the Savannah Region’s Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.

After more than a year in court, a seven-member jury convicted the accused guilty of the offense.

The prisoner sent another student to call her and ask her to meet him in the staff common room, according to the facts of the case as submitted to the court by Regional Chief State Attorney Salia Abdul-Quddus.

When they arrived at the staff common room, the prisoner told the other students to leave and that only the Victim should enter.

In the staff common room, the victim encountered him seated on a sofa, and when he urged her to join him, she declined. The criminal then offered Yoghurt and Shito to the victim, but she declined. He then went on to propose to her, which she declined.

When the victim turned to exit the staff common area, the inmate stood up, shut the door, grabbed her, and began fondling her breast. Despite her resistance, the criminal persevered and violently placed her on the floor, stripped her, and raped her. No one heard the victim yell for assistance.

The victim was unable to stand or walk due to the convict’s use of force, and she was suffering from agonizing stomach pain. After being escorted to her dormitory, the victim’s health deteriorated, and she was transferred to Sawla Hospital. She was in the hospital for two days.

Though the anonymous victim corroborated allegations she was raped as alleged by the school administration in her caution statement to the police, the suspect, who disagreed, said they had consensual intercourse after she fell out from the excitement.

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