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Speak English with KG Pupil in School – Education Director to Teachers

Mrs. Eunice Amfo Akonnor, the Director of Education in the West Akyem Municipality in the Eastern Region, has instructed Early Childhood Education Teachers in the public sector to speak English with kids in school to enable them to become useful in the language before they grow up.

According to her, most private schools utilize English to speak with kindergarten students, which benefits them, as opposed to public schools, where some instructors use local dialects to engage with students.

Mrs. Eunice Amfo Akonnor, who spoke at the Commissioning of the Refurbished Saint Theresa’s Kindergarten in Asamankese, noted that parents use local dialect to communicate with their children at home, so teachers who work with kindergarten children must use English to lay a good and better foundation and improve reading and writing skills.

She urged all education stakeholders to assist early childhood education teachers in order to provide a solid foundation for the country’s future leaders.

Reverend Father James Buah-Nkwantabisa, the local manager of Catholic Schools in West Akyem Municipal, praised teachers who have chosen to specialize in early childhood education and urged parents to help them in instilling strong moral values in their children.

He believes that molding young brains requires a great heart, and those kindergarten teachers are similar to brain surgeons.

Children learn quickly, according to the priest, therefore instructors should be careful about the language they use in front of them and continue to be role models.


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