‘Still unbreakable’ – Obaapa Christy reacts to video of drunk Joyce Blessing

After a video of her drinking her heart out appeared on social media Wednesday morning, gospel singer Joyce Blessing has been entangled in yet another ugly scandal.

The ‘I Swerve’ singer is seen drinking from a bottle of wine while speaking heartfelt messages to her boyfriend, who is rumored to be a married guy, in a video that has gone viral.

Joyce may be heard, while under the influence of drink, confirming her love for the man who had allegedly dumped her.

“This is red wine,” she says as she takes a large swig, adding, “I love you, I fucking adore you.”

Although the video surfaced on the internet today, it is unknown when it was shot or to whom she was transmitting it.

The humiliating video has gone viral on social media, especially because Nana Agradaa is adding insult to injury by revealing facts of Joyce Blessing’s adultery.

Some individuals, like gospel musician Obaapa Christy, have expressed real concern for Joyce Blessing and extended sympathy for her at this difficult time.

Obapaa Christy urged her not to lose her cool. She posted on Joyce Blessing’s video, “Still unbreakable.”

As retaliation for speaking negatively about her acrimonious divorce when it was revealed that she had cheated on her spouse, Agradaa has been having marital problems.

Nana Agradaa’s bankrupt church company was also mocked by Joyce Blessing, who cautioned her to keep away from her marital problems.

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