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Tamale: Chaos in Senior High School as ‘town boys’ clash with students during entertainment time

Last night, a gang of outsiders broke into the Kalpohin Senior High School in Tamale and battled with pupils who were having an entertainment session.

The altercation erupted as students attempted to prevent strangers who had entered the school campus unlawfully from participating in the entertainment program.

According to accounts, one of the invaders was able to gain access to the school, and when students attempted to apprehend him, he allegedly drew a weapon.

However, the kids were successful in capturing him.

His coworkers apparently stormed the school grounds after he was apprehended, demanding his release, but the kids and several school officials there resisted.

On Saturday night, the school at Kalpohin was tense as day students who had joined the program had to phone family members to come pick them up from school because they were afraid for their lives.

Tamale police were asked to intercede, and men in a blue pickup were dispatched to the location to keep the situation under control.

The cops then drove the day students to their respective houses in their vehicles.

There were no injuries reported, and the school has subsequently returned to normal.

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