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The Rise of Green Imperialism in Europe

For those of you who are still not in the know, a quiet tectonic shift is currently taking place in Mitteleuropa. The media in the West, who have been focused relentlessly on “reactionary” trends in Poland and Hungary, is curiously oblivious to the fact that the next government in Germany may be led by a Green party. The Greens who are led by Annalena Baerbock is growing significantly, and are about to overtake Chancellor Merkel’s “Conservative” Christian Democrats. While this fact might make some individuals very happy, consider the fact that rumors exist which speaks of Merkel herself supporting Baerbock over the candidate in her own party after she failed in her quest to fix her preferred candidate as her successor.

Jacob Heilbrunn has noted that rumors persist of Merkel preferring to see Baerbock succeeding rather than the candidate from her party.

This Green movement of today is not that of the Seventies and it would be a foolish move to reject them as being such.

Green Germans used to oppose U.S militarism and supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War era but today they are calling for a stronger U.S militarism. This occurred in a debate with an American think tanker who argued that the Americans should let the Europeans pay for their own security and reduce their global commitments. This might be enough to cause outrage and yet it shouldn’t be so for anyone who has constantly read Peter Hitchens since 2001.

These Greens are not the Greens of our forefathers who wore colorful jackets and constantly protested against the use of nuclear power. These people have committed radicals who have changed jerseys after the Cold War came to an end from red to green and now occupy the levers of power. They are determined to alter the culture and character of the whole of Europe through a top-down intervention.

This is not something which is a surprise. It has been ongoing for quite some time now across the Euro-Atlantic.

The German Greens have naturally begun to get favorable coverage from big-name media like Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, and The Guardian. This could be a simple mistake or a deliberate portrayal of a group of people who occupy political and cultural positions but actually remain radical in their outlook.

If the Greens emerge victorious in Germany, the largest EU power will be headed by committed social engineers and we can expect that there will be a further deepening of tensions within the bloc.

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