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These Are Possible List of Allowances and Benefits That Teachers Will Enjoy After COLA Approval

There is a guarantee that benefits and allowances will be provided to teachers in Ghana and as such these are the possible list of allowances and benefits that teachers will enjoy after COLA approval.

Although public school teachers across the country are supposed to get these benefits, the employer does not always pay.

According to information provided by the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Leadership, while there are other problems on the negotiation table, the Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) payment is currently the main topic of discussion.

Teacher promotions for lower and higher ranks, automobile maintenance allowance, responsibility allowance, laptop distribution to teachers, and a variety of additional benefits and allowances are on the table to be reviewed after the COLA discussions are done.

According to NAGRAT’s mandate, all Junior High School teachers who have not yet received their laptops should provide their names to their zonal chairman so that they can be forwarded to the national. According to the association, primary school teachers will soon receive their TM1 laptops.

However, the union has informed its members that the narrative in which only GNAT had a representative at the compensation negotiation table has altered. Currently, NAGRAT and the remaining unions have gained a seat at the bargaining table.

Mr. Carbonu, President of NAGRAT, has told teachers that he will not let his members down this time by accepting bribes. Furthermore, he has advised teachers to remain courageous because the protest will not end until COLA is permitted.

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