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Thief leaves emotional letter after stealing from a Pentecost Church [WATCH]

“I am not hate the church. I willing believe God. Jesus bless me, in the cross. Only the thief who Jesus bless in the cross. I hope he would give his blessens to you. Amen.”

In what looks to be a duplicate of Jesus Christ’s discussion with the thief on the cross, these were the statements of a thief (though not grammatically right) after stealing from the English Assembly of the Church of Pentecost, Bogoso District.

After cutting the burglar-proof with a hacksaw blade, the criminal gained access to the church auditorium through the window and made off with two new EV amplifiers and a drive rack.

The robber scrawled a few phrases on the wall in red ink after taking these artifacts to show that he does not despise church.

On the crucifixion, he requested God to bless him, noting that it was only the thief whom Jesus blessed. With the expectation of receiving Jesus’ blessing, he added an amen.

Elder Samuel Kumi Manu, the Church’s Presiding Elder, told GhanaWeb that the event occurred on Thursday, June 16, 2022, after members had finished an evening service as part of the Pentecost Men Ministry (PEMEM) week celebration.

Members returned on Friday evening, only to discover that two amplifiers and a drive rack had been taken, he stated.

The event has been reported to the Bogoso Police Command for investigation and subsequent arrest of the criminals, according to Elder Kumi-Manu.

According to him, the church has made urgent arrangements to hire a security guard and install extra street lights around the church building to give greater lighting, as the site is dim and remote.

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