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Throwback Post: Teacher Kwadwo threatening the Headmaster of his school pops up

Michael Owusu Afriyie, also known as Teacher Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian teacher and comedian.

This is due to his dismissal by the Ghana Education Service (GES) a few days ago, and there have been a number of recent events since the news of his dismissal.

One of the most recent developments is that he was accused of displaying the greatest level of insubordination towards his Schools Improvement Support Officer (SISO).

He issued an official statement denying the accusation, although it appears he did something along those lines, as an earlier post depicting him supposedly threatening the aforementioned SISO has surfaced.

In the article, he said unequivocally that the man identified as Timothy should either prepare to match him boot for boot or accept a transfer from the district to avoid any unnecessary drama. He even pledged that he would not interact with him.

He continued in the post to indicate that he has dealt with the individual, but that it was insufficient, and that he intends to deal with him again.

Take a look at the following article;

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