Tracey Boakye gives fans a grand tour of her luxurious mansion [Video]

Tracey Boakye gives fans a grand tour of her luxurious mansion [Video]

Tracey Boakye, a successful businesswoman and actress from Ghana, recently posted an exclusive video of her magnificent East Legon home.

Tracey has made it clear that she would not give in to any pressure from social media users, despite the fact that she has always been proud of and vocal about her triumphs in life, notably her mansions, which she worked hard to acquire.

Her residence has been compared online to that of Jackie Appiah, a senior colleague.

As was previously reported, Tracey Boakye responded to trolls who said that Jackie, a wealthy Ghanaian actress who resides in a posh apartment in the heart of the city, is unbeatable.

Tracey claims that the “East Legon landlady” is still “their mistress,” and in what appears to be a brag, she posted a video of her opulent home.

Her official YouTube channel, Tracey Boakye TV, posted a video tour of her pricey, well-built house.

The first scene of the movie shows the mansion from above before moving to the pool area, where toys belonged to Tracey Boakye’s daughter Akua Nhyira as well as swimming equipment and swim rings are present.

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