Trending: Rare video of Avraham Ben Moshe allegedly caught in bed with another man’s wife surfaces

Avraham Ben Moshe, the founder of the Common Sense Family, allegedly had another man’s wife in bed at Teacher Mante, demonstrating a lack of the common sense he had been teaching about. Avraham Ben Moshe is harassed by a group of guys in a property that is thought to be the home of his alleged married lover in a video we intercepted.

The men who assaulted Avraham for having relations with another man’s wife got into a disagreement with him.

Given his standing in Ghana, others yelled unprintable insults at him and threatened to deal with him for having an affair with someone’s wife.

He approached the guy who was filming him and requested him to stop when he realized he was being videotaped, but the individual persisted.

Although we are unable to establish whether the accusation against him is accurate, we may infer that there may be some truth from the way Mr. “Common Sense” was perspiring and appeared bewildered. We’ll keep you informed.

The video was shared by Instagram page ‘Akonkonsafuor’ with the caption: “”Avraham go chop somebody ein woman. It is alleged”

Watch the video below:

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