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Trending: Teachers go on a house to house tour to call students back to school -Check the reason behind

On social media, a video has surfaced showing some instructors strolling the streets inviting pupils back to school.

Some schools in the country reopened two weeks ago, while others, primarily government institutions, just reopened last week following the Christmas and New Year holidays.

However, it appears that some pupils are still enjoying their vacations or have another reason for not returning to school.

The instructors can be heard calling out the townfolks and declaring that school has reopened and that the youngsters should come to school, according to the footage.

According to the narration in the movie, school reopened a few days ago, but no students showed up, so they had to walk around the community and notify the parents.


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Some students who saw the teachers started running and hiding from the teachers.

What could be the main reason why the kids are not going back to school?


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