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TRENDING VIDEO: Man and his girlfriend receive strong 100 lashes in public for eating themselves at WA

Locals in Wa have publicly flogged a guy and a young lady who became famous after a leaked pornographic film was shared on social media.

They were paraded in front of the Wa Naa’s Palace courtyard on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, and cut by a gang.

The young girl promoted herself as a professional sex worker who conducted hook-ups, according to many eyewitness testimonies.

The problem was brought to the attention of the elders in Wa, who agreed that if they came across any more of these recordings, they should search for and deal with the persons who were behind it, as such acts are prohibited in Islam.

The purpose was to deter other Wa youth from committing similar actions.

When the girl’s video went popular on social media, the kids went after her and paraded her down the street to flog her on Tuesday afternoon.

Check out the reaction below;

Isaacvinepon“This is foolishness”

Oteanankanduro: “What rubbish? Have these people and onlookers been arrested yet?”

occupygh_: “They don’t play in Wa o”

alexander.x.alexander: “Don’t put your mouth in their agendas they will bring it to their religion so let them do whatever they want as far as she’s one of them let them no problem we want our peace of mind”

Abiolash24: “What nonsense, are those people incharge of religion affairs of the area? Besides, are they practicing Shariah law to warrant such ?”

Nimakokujo2015: “Absolutely nonsense and backwards thinking by this people Police must make arrest now.”

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