Two Bl!nd Lovers Tie The Knot In A Beautiful Ceremony (WATCH)

After getting married in a wedding ceremony attended by over 15 Catholic priests and government officials in Nigeria’s Anambra state, a sight-impaired couple has gone viral.

On Saturday, May 21, legal practitioner Thankgod Ohaeri and Anambra State Ministry of Education employee Amarachi Nwokedi went down the aisle at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Nkwelle, Awka.

Thankgod is from Ohokobe Ndume Ibeku in the Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, while Amarachi Nwokedi is from Umunnebuogbu Okohia in the Ihiala council area.

The groom described how he met his bride and how many people stopped him from marrying her in an interview with the Anambra State Broadcasting Service, ABS.

“It feels amazing to be walking down the aisle with my gorgeous wife today.” God has planned it all along. By God’s grace, I believe I have progressed to the next stage of my life. When I was a student, I met my wife. She lived near my apartment, and I was the one who assisted her. “From then, we fell in love, which led to today’s event,” Thankgod explained.

“There were numerous obstacles, but with God on our side, we were able to overcome them.” Despite the fact that my wife is blind, she is doing fine. Being around her brings me delight.

Many people were against me when I announced I wanted to marry, but as a guy, I know what I want and I went for it.

“I learnt that handicap does not equal inability; just because someone is blind does not imply they cannot attend school.” My wife works for the Ministry of Education as a government servant. Extremely I hope we can maintain our mutual understanding, because understanding is so important in any marriage,” the groom remarked.

The bride, for her part, said it was the finest time of her life since she was born.

“Since I was born, this has been the finest period of my life.” God bless you for helping me realize my goal. My spouse appealed to me since he is a God-fearing, polite, and caring guy.”

See the pictures below;

The brave move by the visually impaired couple has shown that truly “love is blind” they say.

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