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Two JHS Girls Have Been Killed After Visiting Their Boyfriends Eastern Region

Two JHS Girls Have Been Killed After Visiting Their Boyfriends Eastern Region

The girls’ bodies were discovered with significant head injuries along the Koforidua-Adukrom route on Tuesday morning.

Yvonne and Esther, both junior high school girls, reportedly fled their houses to see their lovers.

Residents said that their assailants killed them before morning before abandoning them along the roadside.

Akrasi Eric, an Okada rider who came to the site immediately after their bodies were discovered, stated they heard noises from a bus that day.

“At early, we heard a huge noise coming from a Sprinter bus.” The driver came over to inform us that he had seen two female youngsters lying motionless. Their skulls had been crushed, but their bodies were unharmed.

“I suspect it was a car that pushed them down,” he continued, “but no one knows what occurred.”

Michael Gadasu, the Assembly Member for the region, verified the event to Accra-based Starr News, saying he does not believe the girls pushed their way out of a car and hence suspected foul play.

“There were no bruises on their bodies to indicate that they had leaped out of a moving car.” Apart from that, they were organized next to each other, thus we assume they were slain and abandoned,” he explained.

Samuel Obiri, the uncle of one of the slain adolescent girls, also stated that he does not think the girls were hit by a car.

“We have no idea what occurred; we only found out about it and raced to the hospital.” They died shortly after arriving at the hospital. We’ve called the cops, but we’re not buying any tale about their being hit by a car.”

The relatives of both girls who are awaiting autopsy findings say they suspect foul play, citing text conversations found on the phone of one of the victims recovered at the site.

Meanwhile, the remains of the two youngsters have been recovered and put to the morgue by the Adukrom District Police command, while investigations continue.


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