Two more sɛ.x video of Black Sherif set internet ablaze

Two more sɛ.x video of Black Sherif set internet ablaze

Social internet, particularly Twitter, has been set on fire when a video said to be a sekz recording of the notorious Ghanaian artist Black Sherif surfaced.

Many netizens have been wondering if the man in the video is truly Black Sherif nicknamed Blacko since the likeness is uncanny.

The young man in the video, who is rumored to be the 2022 Artist of the Year of the Ghana Music Awards UK, was seen joyously receiving a bl0wj0b from the young girl in the video.

Before the video concluded, they topped it with an amusing sekz moment.

Since of the various concerns that have been raised online regarding the identity of the individual in the video, believes that the ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker is not the one in the video because the guy is one of the musician’s lookalikes.

The stud earrings worn by the man claiming to be Black Sherif stand out as something Black Sherif would never do.

Well, the video is all over social media, so you can get it and watch it if you really want to, because we are unable to share it here due to our blog’s policy.

In any case, Black Sherif will perform in the United Kingdom on November 18, 2022.

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