University Graduate Burns Certificate For Not Being Able To Get A Job

University Graduate Burns Certificate For Not Being Able To Get A Job

Bridget Thapwile Soko, a Malawian woman who graduated with a degree in business administration four years ago, publicly torched her university diploma.

Bridget claims that her credential is now useless because she is still unemployed four years after graduating from university.

The young woman sang and insulted everyone who refused to give her employment prospects or even invite her to interviews in a live TikTok video.

Bridget suggests in the film that her marriage certificate is more valuable than her academic diploma, thus she sees no harm in burning it.

Watch the video below 

Meanwhile, her institution, Exploits University, has withdrawn her certificate, according to a letter that has gone popular on social media.

The letter says:

“We were disappointed to find that you uploaded a video clip on social media burning a degree that we issued to you upon completion of your studies at Exploits University.”

“It is our opinion that you did this to embarrass and degrade the institution’s reputation, hence the university is revoking the degree of business administration that was conferred to you.” Our judgment will also be publicized in the media.”

“As a result, you are no longer a graduate of Exploits University, and your degree certificate is now null and void.”


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