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Updates Of Payment of Allowances to Teachers in Deprived Communities; Check Details

Updates Of Payment of Allowances to Teachers in Deprived Communities; Check Details

In 2009, the Ghana Education Service signed a letter opposing Section 18.3 of the 2009 Collective Agreement between the Ghana Education Service and the Teacher Unions in the Education Service, which requires GES to provide allowances based on monthly gross compensation to teachers assigned to poor regions.
The Agreement was extended in August 2020, and the government committed to pay allowances to teachers who accepted postings in Ghana’s impoverished communities. The government has not paid such agreed-upon compensation to this class of teachers for two years, resulting in a teacher shortage in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods, since the majority of instructors in such places have gone.

The three teacher unions, GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT, are thus reminding the government on this agreement to play its cards very carefully in upholding its half of the Agreement, which must be completed by December 31, 2022.

The teacher unions have voiced concern and disappointment in the administration for attempting to undermine education in disadvantaged regions. They said that instructors in towns should not be regarded the same as teachers in disadvantaged neighborhoods since those in towns have numerous advantages that those in deprived areas do not have.

Because the government wants great education for all, this should be done fairly so that every Ghanaian had the opportunity to obtain quality education. This can only be accomplished if teachers are driven to compete with other public sector workers in terms of living standards, rather than being viewed as individuals without a future. On this point, the government is reminded once more to inspire teachers extremely effectively, as that class controls the development and progress of every country.

It is a country’s education system that teaches excellent leaders and labor force, and this is accomplished via quality instruction from instructors. Nothing is feasible if the foundations are poor, which implies that free senior high will not produce the intended outcomes if the foundations from the elementary schools are inadequate.

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