URGENT: Follow These Simple Steps To Link Your Ghana Card to Bank Account Online

Ghana’s several commercial banks have launched online portals to enable its clients to link their Ghana (NIA) cards to their bank accounts without going to the bank in person.

Very few of Ghana’s numerous banks and financial institutions have made these initiatives public.

According to the Bank of Ghana, the Ghana Card will be the accepted ID for all bank transactions from July 1, 2022.

The banks that have enabled their customers to link their Ghana Cards with their bank accounts without physically visiting the bank are included in this article.

List of Banks that have Launched Ghana Card Update Online

  • Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)
  • Zenith Bank Ghana Limited
  • ABSA Bank Ghana
  • Access Bank
  • Visit
  • To link your Ghana Card to your bank account, choose ‘Link My Card’.
  • Enter your bank account number and select “Continue”.
  • Choose account
  • Select an option to receive an OTP Code (Email or Phone Number).
  • Enter the OTP code to verify and authenticate.
  • Enter the Personal ID Number on your Ghana Card for verification.
  • Take your ID photo using your phone/laptop camera.
  • Provide the last 2 amounts for the transactions (Txn) of the account number.
  • Follow the procedures to merge or link.

To check the status of your Ghana Card Linkage to your bank account, click on ‘Ghana Card Linkage Status’. Enter your Ghana Card Number and follow the procedures to check it.

  • Visit
  • Enter your account number, date of birth, and phone number to authenticate.
  • Enter your Ghana Card details requested and follow procedures to link the card and account number.

Customers of Absa Bank can easily update their bank records with Ghana Card by simply uploading a copy of the email to

However, customers of various banks can visit the nearest bank branches to update their records.

For the other commercial banks, we will make it accessible to our readers if it is launched.

How to Link Your Ghana (NIA) Card to Your Access Bank Account

Dial *901*26# and follow the process

How to Link Your Ghana (NIA) Card to Your ADB Bank Account

  1. Dial *767 * 300#
  2. Choose Option 1
  3. Enter your account number
  4. Enter the phone number linked to ur a/c no
  5. Enter Ghana Card number (no dash)
  6. Enter the Ghana Card ref number (The number just under your main Ghana Card number?)
  7. Confirm and wait for SMS.

FULL Links below, check your bank

Link Ghana Card Link

Access Bank (Ghana) Limited

Zenith Bank Ghana Limited

Prudential Bank Ghana

Guarantee Trust (GT) Bank

Ecobank Ghana

Fidelity Bank Limited

Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited

Cal Bank

Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) Limited

United Bank For Africa (Ghana) Ltd
Call 0800833833

National Investment Bank
Chat at

FBNBank Ghana Limited

Agricultural Development Bank
Call: 0302770403

GCB Bank Limited

Standard Chatered Bank Ghana Limited
Use the SC Mobile App

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