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URGENT: NTC Gives New Directives On The Free Online Workshop For Teachers’ CPD Points 


The Ministry of Education (MoE) together with the National Teaching Council (NTC) organize a free online workshop on Continuous Professional Development(CPD) for a gazillion of teachers in the teaching fraternity across the country.

The workshop is a digital literacy training under GALOP which is aimed at helping teachers’ to get points for their CPD. The number of points a teacher will obtain for going through this workshop is four(4). Due to the nature of the workshop, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the National Teaching Council (NTC) have clearly spelled out the procedures for teachers to get access to the workshop. A link ( has been provided for easy accessibility of the course.

Accessing the link helps a teacher to automatically log in with his or her credentials; that is, email and password. The system will automatically ask you to change your password after logging in, and later capturing vital information about the teacher with an update of a profile picture.

Below is a copy of SMS sent to teachers.

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