VIDEO: Afia Schwar runs to Nogokpo shrine to seek for more powers and protection

Following her altercation with the police, Afia Schwarzenegger paid a visit to Nogokpo.
Schwar has been observed at Nogopko for other responsibilities among the hubbub.

“I mean business,” she wrote with a photo of herself at Nogokpo.

This came after an unpleasant run-in with the cops at the Honey Suckle Bar and Restaurant in Airport over the weekend.

The Nogokpo gods recently cursed Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, despite the fact that Afia hasn’t divulged much about her Nogokpo aspirations.

When Maurice Ampaw accused her of sleeping with Chairman Wontumi and said he farted during the deed, Afia asked the gods to kill him.

During her confrontation with Delay, Afia Schwar accidentally fired a firearm towards Chairman Wontumi.

Chairman Wontumi, Delay’s employer, is Afia’s ex-boyfriend, and he farted when he was climaxing when they slept together.

Schwar is clearly in Nogokpo to curse someone, as someone who likes cursing as much as she does.

Take a look at the image below to see what I mean.

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