VIDEO: Ajagurajah teaches GH men how to curse disrespectful ladies using their p.anties

Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, better known as Ajagurajah, has advised guys on how to communicate with impolite girls in a proper manner.
A video featuring the leader and founder of the Universal Spiritual Outreach Church has gone viral. He taught guys how to curse women with their filthy underpants and left them with chronic illnesses in the video.

According to him, if a man grabs a lady’s trousers and makes three knots in them while cursing her, the woman will never be at ease again.

He claims that if a woman insults a man who has already slept with her for no reason, the man can take up her trouser, tie the knots, and throw it in a public toilet, causing the lady to get a chronic ailment that might kill her.

He further said that if the man takes up her underwear and flushes it, she would contract an illness that will kill her.

He maintained, on the other hand, that this command is given at a specific moment for no apparent reason.

He also taught women how to use curses as a form of retaliation against guys who assaulted them.

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