VIDEO: Delay’s alleged former house-help reveals sh0cking news about Delay

According to a woman who claims to be Delay’s former housekeeper, the TV program presenter has a secret daughter, despite Afia Schwar’s outrageous claim that she is infertile.

According to this online sensation, Delay has a daughter, whom she was nursing at the time she was working as her maidservant.

Delay has purposefully kept her kid out of the public eye, according to this lady, because she doesn’t want her daughter to be out there, therefore she keeps anything relating to her secret.

Delay’s hidden kid was a year and a half old while she was working as a housekeeper, according to the lady.

Delay, according to the accused housekeeper, uses ‘obiaa boa’ since she knows she is not barren and has a lovely daughter.

The lady praised Delay as a very nice and helpful woman who assisted her in a variety of ways, in addition to claiming that Delay has a daughter.

The feud between Delay and Afia Schwar became ugly after the latter referred to the former as a barren lady and then challenged her to have a kid of her own.

These statements irritated Delay so much that she cried on live radio while addressing the subject in a roundabout way.

She just stated that she is weary of the back-and-forth banter and that she requires her peace of mind in order to concentrate on the essential things in life.


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