VIDEO: Diana Asamoah exposed for wearing hip p.ads to lift her small 1.43kg bort0s

Diana Asamoah, a Ghanaian gospel singer, has been chastised after it was found that she utilized hip pads while presenting an edition of United Showbiz over the weekend.
Before her newly revealed secret existence, Diana Asamoah was all over the internet denouncing the usage of cosmetics, eyelashes, and other beauty improvement goods.

This was prior to her new career as a con artist. She also made a lecture in which she spoke out against women who wear jeans and trousers, condemning them to the fires of hell.

In the newly published image that is now going viral, Diana Asamoah did a bad job of arranging her hands such that they would not obstruct the viewer’s view of her big hip pad.

Diana Asamoah has clearly acquired a strong attachment to the alluring benefits that come with having a global viewpoint, and it’s unlikely that she’ll ever abandon them.

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