VIDEO: Ghanaian woman who narrowly escaped Virginia mass-sh00ting shares video

A video of the Virginia mass shooting has been posted by a Ghanaian woman.

She was in a restaurant when she heard a gunshot, she claims.

As the bullets continued to ring out, she joined the scramble to flee.

She stated that the United States of America felt dangerous for everybody following the repeating occurrences of mass shootings in a live video that catches the panicked scene in which people were fleeing for safety.

The following is what local Virginia police officers had to say about the horrific shooting:

“From looking at our crime scene and commencing the investigation, we’ve determined that someone did discharge a gun.” “We have collected evidence consistent with gunshots, such as bullet casings,” said Fairfax police officer Brian Reilly.

“We’re still early in this investigation, but as the chief stated, we have a lot of information coming in from our community members, as well as the cameras within Tysons, and we’ll figure out what happened.”

The suspect is described as a black man wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants. He was also wearing white shoes.

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