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Video: How police officers run for their lives as protestors vandalised police bus

A police bus was vandalized during a violent confrontation between Arise Ghana protesters and the Ghana Police Service.

The protesters’ insistence on taking a different path than the one mandated by a High Court on Monday led to the altercation.

Following a request by the police, an Accra High Court ruled that the protest should start at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, go through Farisco Junction to TUC, and terminate at Independence Square in Accra. However, the protesters attempted to march in the direction of the Flagstaff House as they had first announced, claiming to have obtained a stay of execution in defiance of the court’s ruling.

The demonstrators were moving toward Independence Avenue when the police intervened and created a human shield to stop them from going in that direction.

The police responded by firing six rounds of tear gas as the protestors threw stones at them outraged by the police response.

A canoe that the protesters had left in the middle of the road blocked the path of a police service bus that was trying to get behind the shield the policemen had constructed during the melee.

However, by exiting and sprinting behind the police shield while covering their heads, they were able to flee the attack. However, several of the missiles hit the bus’s driver, who was hurt.

Watch the video below


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