VIDEO: Lilwin replies Maa Linda for dissing him

A few hours ago, Maa Linda threatened to slay Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin after the actor criticized Tiktok stars for boasting that they currently control the music industry.

This came up when Asantewaa boasted on UTV’s United Showbiz program that it would be extremely difficult for a singer to successfully promote his or her record without Tiktok stars.

These controversial remarks from Asantewaa sparked a contentious online discussion about whether Tiktok artists are currently the top music promoters in the nation.

Asantewaa and the other Tiktok girls were criticized and defamed for blowing dust into people’s eyes, and Lilwin hopped on the bandwagon to do the same yesterday.

The actor mocked these Tiktok users and told them to be modest because they were still children with a lot of unrealized potential.

In the midst of the argumentative exchange, Mama Linda, a Ghanaian TikToker located in the UK, vented her rage at actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win for criticizing TikTok star Asantewaa and her coworkers for remarks made regarding their relevancy on the video-sharing app.

According to Maa Linda, Lil Win should stop talking since, in the eyes of the entertainment business, he embodies haughtiness and ungratefulness. He claimed that Asantewaa was conceited and had no control over popular songs.

She advised Lil Win to stay in his Kumawood movie business, which has failed owing to backbiting, insults, and voodoo against one another, which has ostensibly slowed growth, and to desist from speaking about the young TikTokers.

Lilwin responded to Mama Linda’s remarks by asserting that he is still in his prime and hasn’t aged a day.

A recent video posted on the actor’s Instagram page reveals how T.I. Amadiyah Muslim School kids in Kumasi surrounded him.

A group of kids gave Lilwin a very warm welcome and expressed their respect for him as a super star.

No other Tiktok star can draw a crowd like him, just as Lilwin claimed in his past tirades.

“If you don’t understand just go and die fine,” he boasted in the description of the video, plainly making fun of Maa Linda.

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