VIDEO: Lion b!tes off zookeeper’s finger after he sticks his hand into cage in front of horrified women

I’m not sure which is more stupid: photographing this with one’s phone or the victim losing his finger. Those with cell phones could have been able to assist, but what do I know?

This is certainly a dazzle gone bad, and it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

A video that has surfaced in the local digital space depicts a man attempting to impress two females he met at the zoo by mistakenly offering himself as meal to a tiger.

The guy was successful on his first two efforts, but on his third attempt, he lost his fingers.

The tiger can be seen pulling the man’s fingers off when they fall into its jaws in the footage.

Although the man attempted everything he could to get his fingers out of the tiger’s mouth, his attempts were in vain.

Watch the video below;

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