Video: Mathematics Teacher Caught In Bed With A Final Year Student; Area Boys Nearly Lynched Him

It was a tumultuous scene after a mathematics instructor was caught in bed with a Navakholo Sub-County institution final year student.

Mr. Duncan Omondi (not his real name) said that good Samaritans rescued the teacher from an irate crowd who planned to lynch him at his rental residence, according to police reports.

“In the morning, residents noticed the girl in the teacher’s house and alerted the authorities, attracting an enraged mob intent on lynching the suspect. The suspect was rescued by police officers who moved quickly.” The police chief stated.

According to the victim’s mother, this is not the first time the alleged teacher has defiled her daughter, as he has been sleeping with her on a regular basis.

In the most recent scenario, she and her brothers were occupied with some domestic chores entrusted to them by their mother, who was away, on the day her instructor seized her pride.

The sassy instructor, on the other hand, successfully isolated her from her brothers by sending them to a nearby facility and directing them to wash their uniforms and bathe before returning.

When the other kids departed, the man dragged his target into the room and forced her to sleep with him, threatening to murder her if she told anybody.

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