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VIDEO: My sim card was blocked for two days despite registration – Ex-Prez John Mahama

VIDEO: My sim card was blocked for two days despite registration – Ex-Prez John Mahama

NDC politician John Mahama has accused the NCA of restricting his sim card for two days despite his registration.
In an interview with TV3, the former president expressed regret that, despite the fact that he and members of his team had reregistered their SIM cards, they had been barred.

He stated;

“When it comes to SIM registration, you may even start with fresh SIM cards and state ‘No Ghana Card, No SIM card’ if you’re buying. So we can start there while we clean up the rest of the system.

“However, if you declare that everyone must have it by September 30th, we will take punitive steps against you…your data will be more expensive, we will ban your outgoing calls, and so on and so forth, that’s a significant problem.”

“I must admit that I had some of that experience with the call banning.” My outbound calls were not coming through on one of my phones. My SIM card was disabled for two days. They have reactivated it. We went through the registration procedure.

“They stated it wasn’t properly registered. That’s the sort of information I got; we didn’t finish the exercise, but they came here and sat with us and performed SIM registration here, and we called them to my office, and so all my employees and everybody went through the registration, but most of my staff’s calls were banned.”

The good news is that the NCA has reversed its prior ruling requiring telecom operators to restrict calls from customers who have not registered their SIM cards.

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