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VIDEO: Nana Agradaa opens keys on herbalist who claimed man wanted to k!ll his daughter for money

Mama Pat, formerly known as Nana Agradaa, has weighed in on the viral story of a herbalist who demanded that a client who came to his house to sacrifice be arrested by the police.

This tale has been making the rounds on the internet for the past three days, and many Ghanaians have weighed in with their thoughts.

According to Nana Agradaa, the alleged herbalist is a fraud who possesses no spiritual abilities, and he stabbed the innocent guy after stealing his money.

Nana Agradaa went on to reveal some of the techniques used by certain spiritualists to deceive unsuspecting people into believing in sika duro after stealing their money.

She went on to say that some fraudulent spiritualists assign their customers to impossible chores in order to conserve money after they have spent their money.

The herbalist is a phony, according to Nana Agradaa’s authority. After slicing his money, he intended to set himself free by instructing him to bring his daughter since he felt the man couldn’t handle it.

Meanwhile, unsettling information about his shady transactions and his messed-up history as a military guy who was discharged have emerged.

In a series of Facebook posts, social pundit Kwame A plus has blown the herbalist’s cover. The individual has a lengthy history of putting people up, according to him and the evidence he supplied.

He is a phony, according to information supplied to him by certain military soldiers who worked with the fetish priest while he was in the Ghana Armed Forces.

He was supposedly discharged from the Armed Forces for his covert operations aimed at defaming others and pitting one camp against the other.

He was dubbed a deadly con artist.

As a result, it’s been suggested that, as a legendary troublemaker, he set up the entire situation to trend for the proper reason.

Is this to imply that it was all merely a show?

Check screenshots below;

Earlier, Kwame A Plus had shared his scepticism about the herbalist when he wrote:

Those of you saying that the spiritualist said he is a retired military man should listen to this. I didn’t hear retired anaa my ears no good?The military must investigate and tell us which unit he is with. Simple. Secondly, if you report an attempted murder to the police, why will they send someone from the motor traffic devision to effect the arrest. Anaa he would have bought a luxurious car with the sika gari and drive without a licence so he is being arrested in advance.

Kwame A Plus had also shared:

If a pastor did this, we will use it against Christianity. We will call all pastors fake. This Soldier from the “Juju infantry Brigade” is a fake traditionalist and a fraudster and must be dealt with. These are the people who create fake “Nana Tia” accounts on Facebook. We members of the National Association Tradition worshiper are investigating this matter. If he is found guilty, y? b? b? no dua!!


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