VIDEO: Nana Ama McBrown shades Afia Schwar for calling Delay a barren and useless

Nana Ama McBrown, the Ghanaian movie diva, has replied to Afia Schwar’s attacks directed at Delay over issues that emerged during her time at Wontumi Radio.

After being turned down for a job as a drive-time presenter by a seasoned Delay, Afia Schwar has been flinging barbs here and there.

She even shifted sides before the NPP Regional Executives election, where her candidate was defeated by Chairman Wontumi by a larger margin.

Dely used social media after Wontumi’s triumph to mock Afia Schwar, labeling her a loser. This enraged Afia Schwar, who attacked Delay by using a variety of phrases that offended many Ghanaians.

There have been several responses from media figures and politicians such as Sam Geroge, and Nana Ama McBrown has also released a video in which she implicitly criticizes Afia Schwar for her marital insult to her colleague, Delay.

McBrown portrayed two characters in the video: a wealthy single guy and an untidy gossiper.

Mcbrown sarcastically insulted her alter ego, saying that although her pals are getting married, he is not.

Despite the fact that McBrown hasn’t addressed any of them, it’s amusing that Afia is teasing Delay with marriage when she isn’t married.

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