Video: Ritualists Now Target Bald Men, Believe Their Heads Contain Gold – Police Warn

After a string of deaths alleged to be inspired by a local belief that their hairless heads hold gold, police in Mozambique have issued a warning to bald males that they may be targeted.

In the central province of Zambezia, two persons have been detained in connection with the murders of three males, one of whom was beheaded and had his organs taken. The suspects admitted to investigators that they worked on commission for customers in Malawi and Tanzania who wanted to become wealthy through witchcraft.

The deaths took occurred in the town of Milange, a few kilometers from Mozambique’s border with Malawi, according to Inacio Dina, a police spokesman, who spoke at a press conference in Maputo. The victims are all considered to be in their late teens or early twenties.

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