Video shows how 3 ladies teamed up to steal iPhones from a shop

Video shows how 3 ladies teamed up to steal iPhones from a shop

Many social media users were taken aback when they saw footage of a gang of three young females stealing a phone dealer in broad daylight.

The film begins with one of the females standing in front of a business in an open market, appearing to respond to dealer inquiries. With a discussion, the mysterious woman sways his attention and skillfully takes up a brand new iPhone exhibited on his counter.

She then holds the merchandise behind her back as one of her accomplices approaches from behind, snatching it and silently walking away.

She goes through the motions of stealing another phone. And, as previously, the third conspirator steps in to collect it and conceal it in her shopping bag.

The video appears to have been filmed by another business owner who saw the incident from a distance, yet it shows the females walking away without being apprehended.

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Many individuals were taken aback by the clip, believing that only men were capable of such heinous acts. However, these ladies have demonstrated that a woman can outperform a man.


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