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Video: Tell Akufo Addo to do this..-Prophet Kofi Oduro reveals what God told him about parliament and jubilee house

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, has sent a message to the country’s leaders, with a specific focus on the President and members of Parliament. He went on to say that these messages are from God since he constantly speaks God’s mind at church.

During this morning’s church session, Prophet Oduro stated that the speaker of parliament, Right Honorable Alban Bagbin, should always enable MPs to take a few minutes during their time in parliament to reflect on and check their lives. He issued a similar message to President Akuffo Addo, urging him to take some time for himself and reflect on his accomplishments.

He clarified this by stating that God is a righteous God who will always grant the wishes of those with a good heart. He went on to say that while MPs implement a variety of policies in the country, the country’s economy appears to be deteriorating by the day.

He encouraged Alban Bagbin to allow MPs to sit quietly and think on their life so that whatever decisions they make in the future will benefit Ghanaians.

He addressed a similar message to Jubilee House as well as the ministers of state, urging them to do the same so that the country’s situation would improve.

wstch the video today

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