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VIDEO: The Tigers I Bought Costs Me Over 100k Cedis, It’s For Tourism Purposes – Freedom Caesar Speaks

Freedom Jacob Caesar, a Ghanaian business magnate, has disclosed how much it cost him to import two 7-month-old tigers to Ghana.

Freedom said in a recent interview with TV3 that he purchased the wild creatures after winning an auction between Ghana and Dubai.

He further stated that the animals cost him over 100,000 cedis to purchase. He also had to spend extra money to hire an international specialist to tame the animals and keep them from attacking people.

” I have no intention of harming anyone with these creatures.” They’re both seven months old and have been with me for six months. I intended to enhance the number of tourist attractions in our area.

I’m in talks with the tourism minister about introducing more of these creatures to our tourist attractions.” He repeated himself.

Freedom also expressed his desire for Ghana to become the first country in West and East Africa to own such rare animals.

Watch the video below.

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