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Vote for me, I’ll resolve all internal disputes – Ntim tells NPP delegates

Stephen Ayesu Ntim, the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Chairman candidate, has informed party delegates that if he is elected National Chairman, all internal conflicts originating from the different elections will be settled.

Stephen Ntim, speaking to delegates in the Western North, Western, and Central Regions as part of his ‘Time Aso to Break the 8’ campaign, said he is aware of the rancorous and acrimonious exchanges and events that characterized the constituency and regional elections, and that he will take steps to address them.

“In my first hundred days as National Chairman, I would ensure that all internal problems in certain constituencies are settled,” he declared.

“We need to show an unified face in the 2024 elections if we are to break the eight.” When he met with delegates in the Western Region, he stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand, thus it is important that we iron out all our conflicts.”

Mr. Stephen Ayesu Ntim has begun a countrywide campaign to sell his message of optimism to the party’s delegates.

Since party members across the country appear to feel that ‘it is his time’ to lead the NPP, he is expected to win the Chairmanship with a larger margin.

Mr. Stephen will go to additional regions from the Western North, Western, and Central to meet with delegates and deliver his message of optimism.

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