WATCH VIDEO: Ghana Jama Vrs Nigeria Jama Ahead Of The Play-off; Judge For Yourself Who Wins

One can never have enough affection for these two countries; their bond is unfathomable. Prior to the important double header in the 2022 World Cup Qualifying play-off, a film has begun to make waves on social media, in which both nations’ supporters groups demonstrate their singing and dancing talents, led by celebrities.
In the video, Kalyboz and Funnyface are seen leading the Ghanaians, while Ramsey is seen leading the Nigerians.

Nigerians began the Jama in their native tongue, which appears to be extremely intriguing the tone with the dancing motions, and one may wrongly associate them as victors until you patiently observe Ghana’s talents as a wonderful judge.

Intriguingly, as soon as Ghana begins singing, drumming, and dancing in the Akan dialect, some Nigerian fans join in fun.

When compared to Nigeria, the energy level in Ghana is significantly higher. Despite the fact that they are all worshipping God, it appears that Ghana’s God has silenced the Nigerians.

Sincerely, I must admit that both countries share a great deal in common, and their connection is one of brotherhood. All we have to do now is work together to combat crime and make it undesirable to criminals, making the two countries a safe sanctuary for doing business and trading.

If Africa is to grow, it must encourage good neighborliness and unity among its citizens. We may have disagreements from time to time, but we can always compromise, adjust, and move on by looking beyond the little issues and making progress. Ghana and Nigeria can work together to benefit Africa especially West Africa.

My only hope is that these two countries would adopt the West African Common Currency, known as Eco, before the rest of the continent does.

May the greatest team win, yet I hope Ghana defeats Nigeria in order to qualify because we usually outperform Nigeria at the World Cup.

watch the video below;

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