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‘We eat by 0-1-0 daily formation’ – Ksi Technical University students cry

‘We eat by 0-1-0 daily formation’ – Ksi Technical University students cry

According to a group of Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) students, the current economic situation leads them to eat only once a day and sometimes sleep on an empty stomach.

On the second day of the Onua Maakye ‘People’s Assembly,’ On Thursday, September 29, one of the kids, named as Ofori Akoto Bismark, stated that owing to Ghana’s present economic problems, he only eats once a day using a “football configuration” of 0-1-0 or 1-0-0 and 1-0-0.

“My parents are cocoa farmers, and little has been done to boost cocoa prices, so my parents have given me the same amount of money for the previous two years,” he added.

However, food and transportation are quite expensive, especially on college, so some of us have to strategy and eat only once a day since we can’t afford to eat more than one on campus.”

He went on to say that the situation of Ghana’s economy has impacted students’ lives on campus, and that “we the students are truly at the mercy of the economic crisis, since most of us are unable to afford a three square meal everyday.”

“I don’t even eat a healthier breakfast when I wake up in the morning.” “Because the expense of living in this nation is throat cutting, I only eat ‘gob3’ with adequate gari once a day, either in the morning (1-0-0) or afternoon (0-1-0) till the following day,” he said.

“Even when the instructor is in class, I am unable to focus due to hunger,” he continued. I’m constantly hoping he’ll leave early so I can go get something to eat since I can’t concentrate in class on an empty stomach.

“If nothing is done, the scenario will produce illiterates since we can’t even focus and study on empty stomachs.”

He mentioned that the rising expense of food is having a negative impact on them as students, therefore they must eat wisely.

He subsequently stated that due of the increases in transportation expenses, students sometimes have to miss lectures because they cannot afford it.

“We are the future leaders of our nation,” he bemoaned, “but the current expense of living in the country is badly hurting our lives and education, and this may have a disastrous effect on human resource development and productivity in the future.”

As a result, he urged the President of the Republic and other key players to reconsider specific government policies and expenditures in order to lift ordinary Ghanaians out of abject poverty.

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