What is happening to Kumawood stars? Another Kumawood star confirmed dead- Check photos

COMEDIAN ICED KENKEY, who was a prominent comedian with Nkomode and a slew of others, has died, according to reports.

The Legendary Key soap musical party included the late comedian.

However, it remains unknown what took this comedian’s life. Following the demise of the Key soap opera party, the late comic joined Kumawood to perform in a few films.

He also served as Nana Kwame Ampadu’s music apprentice at one point. Ghana has really lost a brilliant artist who brought pleasure and laughter to many Ghanaians’ homes.

The late comedian ICED Kenkey was able to visit various international nations, particularly in Europe, as a result of his tireless attitude in the creative arts field.

Until we meet again, we can only wish him a wonderful rest with the Lord. ICED Kenkey, the humorous comedian, would be missed by Ghanaians for the rest of their lives. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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