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When I become president of Ghana, I won’t take salary- Kennedy Agyapong makes BOLD promise [WATCH]

Kennedy Agyapong, who just announced his desire to run for his party’s flagbearership and maybe become Ghana’s president, has made a serious promise concerning his future if Ghanaians elect him to lead them.
The veteran and firebrand of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has stated unequivocally that he will never accept a salary as President of Ghana.

“If I am elected President, I will not be paid by the state…

No, I don’t need a state salary because, forgive me, I wouldn’t be able to pay ‘chop money’ or take excellent care of myself if I took public salaries…,” he declared recently on Net 2 TV.

In addition, when he becomes the country’s leader in the near future, the business magnate and anti-corruption advocate has stated that he will establish presidential scholarships for Ghanaian youngsters.

“With my salary, I will establish what we would call a presidential scholarship.” My pay, in other words, would be utilized to support scholarships for the underprivileged and needy in society, particularly in rural regions…,” he continued.

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