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Who Says There’s No Money In Ghana: Check List of Gargantuan Allowances State-owned Enterprises Enjoy in 2022 -[Full Report]

Government appointees who oversee some of the state-owned companies (SoEs) are paid astronomically large salaries.

These stipends are given to people in order to make them feel comfortable while delivering items.

Despite the fact that the majority of these (SoEs) are losing money, the CEOs, Managing Directors, and Board of Directors continue to siphon money from the public coffers.

Meanwhile, the government has complained about a shortage of funds to support critical initiatives such as NABCO trainee allowances, Teacher and Nursing Trainee Allowances, and others.

The allowances and end-of-year perks that government appointees will get in 2022 are listed below.

  1. Four months gross salary at the point of disengagement for every calendar year.
  2. The benefit of a housing loan of about ¢6000.
  3. Home enhancement loan of about ¢2000.
  4. Travel per diem of $1500.
  5. Salary increases to be at 20%.
  6. Medical care for spouses and children up to 21 years onwards.
  7. Mandatory full medical examination yearly abroad.
  8. Allowance for a replacement for eye lenses ¢1000 yearly
  9. There is also an out-of-station allowance where accommodation and meals will be provided, an inconvenience allowance of ¢500 per day.

Other allowances government appointees of SoEs enjoy:

  • Special allowance including, household allowance.
  • Utility subsidy, Responsibility allowance- ¢1500 a month.
  • Entertainment allowance- ¢1500 a month.
  • Satellite TV connection on DStv ¢500 a month.
  • Security guards 2 personnel at night and 1 during the day.
  • An Official vehicle
  • Vehicle loan
  • Executive saloon car
  • Driver
  • Vehicle Maintenance Allowance ¢1000 per month
  • Clothing allowance of GH¢10,000 etc.
  • Inconvenience Allowance GH¢500 per day

Freebies government appointees enjoy

  1. Holiday facilities, both internal and external holidays, for not more than six persons, not more than three rooms, and for not more than five nights per year in Ghana or elsewhere, exclusive of annual.
  2.  The retirement package is calculated at 12% of the gross salary which is to be set aside by the employer.
  3. The parting gift includes one top-of-the-range multimedia laptop of your choice with accessories.
  4. If you have been at the post for more than two years, you get an additional gift valued at 50% of one month’s gross salary.
  5. If you have been at the post for two to four years you get an additional gift valued at one month’s gross salary.
  6.  If you have been at the post for over 4 years you get an additional gift valued at two months’ gross salary, the official saloon vehicle that you have been using will remain yours or you can procure at a discount of 50%.


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