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Why Donald Trump was never a winner for America

After witnessing Donald Trump get taken down by an adult film actress for $130,000, is it surprising that Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Maduro, the Ayatollahs, Kim Jong Un, Mexico’s government officials, and other world leaders, in general, judged that in any kind of test involving wills, Trump for all his macho centric talks would be the first to blink? They were correct.

Americans are divided into political lines and social media is presently filled with finger-pointing and grievances. Viewing MAGA Nation; the supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump, one not only comes across grievance but also passion and patriotic spirit when it comes to American freedom. One might think a lot of them are die-hard fans too. There exists one critical difference though. NFL fans can easily tell their team’s win-loss record and can even explain how their quarterback and head coach are performing when matches take place on the field.

As a media celebrity for many years before he ventured into the world of politics finally culminating in his election as president, he had developed a loyal fan base, several of whom still love his end zone dances and trash talk. But what about how his record of win-loss when it comes to affairs on the world stage, where a president is expected to handle high-wire tests on issues of national power? Did he fulfill his pledge on making America great again? Let’s check it out.

Let’s begin with his signature campaign promise where he asked: “Who’s going to pay for the wall? Just a week after he took office, the world witnessed Trump begging the Mexican president Pena Nieto to aid in the payment of costs for the border wall. Trump even threatened him with tariffs but he never budged and even canceled a scheduled trip to Washington. Mexico’s answer was a crystal no. So here the score stands at 0-1.

Three years ago in 2018, Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro ran an election that was marred by fraud and Trump quickly moved to remove him from power, he even recognized the National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaido as president of the country. Years late with Trump out of office, Maduro still stands unchallenged. The score turns to 0-2.

Then you have Iran, Trump pulled America out of the nuclear deal, Mike Pompeo made twelve demands and the Trump administration started a campaign of “maximum pressure” against the Iranian economy, begun sanctioning banks and several other businesses. All these were aimed at forcing the Iranians to renegotiate the nuclear deal. Iran rather increased its nuclear enrichment and stepped up attacks by their shadow militia on U.S troops and allies but never caved in to pressure from Trump. The score worsened to 0-3.

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