“Why I converted to Islam” – Thomas Partey explains

When news of Ghanaian footballer Thomas Partey’s conversion to Islam broke, many people were taken aback and didn’t understand why he made the decision.

Although Partey was not known to be a fervent Christian prior to his conversion to Islam, many could only speculate as to why he did so.

In an exclusive interview, the Arsenal midfielder explained why he chose to convert to Islam.

Thomas Partey has stated that his conversion was motivated by his Moroccan lover. If he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the lovely Muslim lady, he had no choice but to convert.

Thomas Partey claimed in an interview with Nana Aba Anamoah that he was frightened the lady would leave him if he did not consent to convert.

“I had to convert since I have a Moroccan girlfriend.” Because I loved her, I was frightened she would abandon me. It’s not a huge concern for me because I grew up among Muslims.”

Following his conversion to Islam, Thomas Partey announced his Islamic name as “Yakubu.”

Before joining Arsenal from Atletico Madrid in 2020, Thomas Partey was reported to have a girlfriend. To fit her girlfriend, the midfielder found a new love in London and converted to Islam.

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