Why I married the ‘ugliest man in the world’ – Wife shares interesting story [WATCH]

Why I married the ‘ugliest man in the world’ – Wife shares interesting story [WATCH]

When the “ugliest guy in the world” and a stunning bride got married a few years ago, it made headlines, and many people predicted the pair would not survive to enjoy their union.

However, Godfrey Baguma and his wife Kate are still together and have eight children as a result of their love, even after 25 years.

The fast-growing tumor on the side of Godfrey’s skull, which has changed his physical appearance, is the cause of the doomsday prediction.

His wife, however, said in a recent interview with Afrimax TV that she married him despite fierce resistance from her family and friends because she saw past his appearance.

“My relatives informed me that they don’t want him in our family because he is too unattractive. The entire family was against me, making it difficult, but I insisted that we live together whether they like it or not. They did not agree, so I moved in with him until our marriage was blessed after having four children.

For the first time, Kate disclosed the rationale behind her audacious choice and described how life has been while she has been dating the Zimbabwean winner of the Ugliest Man in the World competition.

Although some people claim that we are not the ideal fit, I was in love with him. I looked past his appearance because I could see his potential. She stated while grinning. “When we first started dating, our communication was excellent, and I could tell he was honest.

She continued by saying she has never regretted her choice since her spouse has lived up to the potentials she saw in him.

He mentioned that her spouse is a nationally renowned and highly traveled comedian. His side gig as an artist has earned him four medals as well.

When asked if she married Godfrey for his wealth, she retorted that he was a church mouse’s poverty when they first met and his financial status isn’t much better now.

For those who said that Kate selected Godfrey because she had no other suitors, Kate boasted that men were at her beck and call and that she was a damsel in distress, but she decided to follow her heart.

She cites the obvious argument that “you can’t oppose the will of love.”

Godfrey, also known as General Ugly, was proud of his wife for having a thick skin despite all the teasing they had through ever since they started dating.

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