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Why pay us less? – Teachers in nursing training schools fume as 7-day protest begins

Why pay us less? – Teachers in nursing training schools fume as 7-day protest begins

A seven-day strike by the Nurse Educator’s Group, a subgroup of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association, has begun in an effort to force the Ministry of Health to address problems with the payment of up to nine allowances.

The organization said that the current economic difficulties, which have driven up the cost of living, are what led to their demand.

The Group demanded a reassessment of the research and book allowance as well as the other eight allowances owed to its members at the conclusion of its 2022 Annual General Meeting held in Sunyani.

According to a schedule provided in a press release, the Group plans to start wearing red arm/wrist bands in all health training institutions from August 11 through August 17, 2022, and August 18 through August 19, 2022, if nothing is done to resolve the issue. It will also conduct mid-semester exams if necessary.

They further stated that all health training schools will stop offering classroom instruction and other services by September 2, 2022.

John-Paul Semanyo, the organization’s Greater Accra Regional Secretary, bemoaned the unjust treatment given to instructors at the different nursing training institutions throughout the nation in an interview with The Pulse on the JoyNews Channel on Friday.

He said that the scenario is different from that of their peers at other higher education institutions.

“We have long been claiming wrongdoing. It’s not as though what we do here differs from what some of our colleagues at other universities do. Why then do you pay us less, or perhaps just a tiny allowance?

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